Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Searching for holiday lights

Well, the holidays are upon us and the Herald is looking for great holiday light displays. Come mid-December, we’ll have a map you can download and use for a fun drive around town.

I don’t know about you, but with everything that’s going on locally and nationwide (high taxes, gas prices, the sagging economy), I feel like I need to celebrate Christmas the for entire month, just to feel a little more cheer.

Last weekend, I was inspired to decorate our backyard fence with icicle lights. We spent $40 at Kmart and I engineered a great display along the fence. Plug it in and BOOM! Who knew you can only plug in 3 strands at a time? I plugged in eight. I was about ready to cry when my neighbors, who are very smart at all homeowner-type things, set me straight and together we replaced the fuses.

The event turned into an impromptu cookout where we combined our food to make a fabulous dinner. So a potentially depressing day turned into a great time with friends, sharing our Griswold-type stories for hours. At dusk, we turned on the lights and sang Christmas tunes … what a perfect Sunday. This weekend we’ll tackle the front yard….

If you know of a cool holiday light display, please e-mail me the street address and a description of the lights at

— Jana Morreale, Sections Editor

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Mister Cellophane said...

Jana-I think that after you get that list of festive lights, that we should go from house to house carolling and give an award for the best holiday treats given to us!