Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Idol results show

56 million votes will decide if Syesha stays or goes tonight. Looks like members of Idol's top ten is in the crowd.

The trio has choreographed dance moves as they sing. Hmm ... They look and sound pretty good tonight.

I love the Idol Ford commercials. Don't you? Very fun and creative.

Fantasia performs with a lot of energy, spunk and ... red hair! The song's not my favorite, but it's great watching the Broadway star perform.

"Can we start the drama now?" Ryan says. We all know he will keep us hanging until the very last minute of the show.

Hometown visits are shown. David A. is attacked by cheerleaders ... looks like he has A LOT of young girls for fans. He's brought to tears.

Very, very close race, Ryan says. They are showing David A.'s "journey on Idol" now. Don't know if it will be his last night on Idol.

Now, Syesha's turn. "It was amazing," she said of her visit home. Bradenton's on TV. Syesha's holding a baby. She's also brought to tears. She stops by her house to see mom and dad and the family. Great family portrait. She was really excited about the helicopter it seems. She's overwhelmed by all the support and fanfare.

After watching the hometown visit, Simon says Paula was too hard on Syesha last night.

David C. is next. He looks nervous walking on stage. We learn he never planned to audition for Idol. He was just with his brother for support and wound up getting sucked into the Idol machine. The fans flocked to David C. during his hometown visit too.

David A. and David C. are in the top two. Predictable.

Syesha had a good run though. She's made the Bradenton/Sarasota area proud. — January Holmes

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