Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tween group Clique Girlz the next big thing?

Yesterday, I realized something quite horrible: I have become completely detached from the "modern" music scene.

Maybe you felt that same way too when "The Today Show" introduced a blonde trio of tween girls who call themselves the Clique Girlz.

"Who?!" you may be wondering. I have never heard of this pop-rock outfit before. Ever. Though they've been around for about four or five years, making their way into the mainstream music industry. But I figured they must be something special since they were on "The Today Show."

I wasn't completely blown away when I heard them sing . I mean the group — made up of sisters Paris and Destinee (a 12- and 13-year-old) and their best friend, Ariel Moore (another 13-year-old) — sounded good when they were hitting all the notes to "Incredible" (their vocals clashed a little at times though). But they're no Miley Cyrus. They sounded like they were rolled out of the Radio Disney/ Nickelodeon tween factory with their cute all-American pop/rock look and sound.

Of course, the Clique Girlz's Myspace page, which boasts 7,523 "friends" and counting, begs to differ:

"One listen and you realize this is no manufactured, teenybopper, bubble-gum group, but a group whose music can appeal to all ages," the site said.

Um, I only agree on them not being a "bubble-gum" group. The rest is up for debate. Though their sound is catchy, vocally they don't stand out from the hundreds of girl bands and solo acts out there trying to be in the spotlight. But apparently, these "Girlz" are being touted as the next big thing. We'll see when their debut album comes out later this summer.

—January Holmes


Lindsey said...

"One listen and you realize this is no manufactured, teenybopper, bubble-gum group, but a group whose music can appeal to all ages," the site said.

There is a lot wrong with this statement.
1. They probably write their own songs, if they did their bio probably would've said.
2. They dress alike, they have cute choreography.
3. Their clearly presenting this girly, cute, happy image which is very played up.

By todays standards, yes thats quite bubblegum pop. Its sweet, catchy, brainless, fluffy music. Even if we were to go back to the late 90s when bubblegum pop was popular, they'd still be considered bubblegum pop

1. Oh gosh are you kidding me, not teenybopper i strongly beg to differ. They dress alike, same blonde haircolor, cute smiles, cheesy choreography, aimed towards the elementary/maybe middle school audience. Pretty much as almost as teenybopperish as you can get.

Muisc can appeal to all ages
No, I highly doubt very many people over 13 would buy into them. Hmm but i can imagine the young kids would love them. Honestly could you imagine a bunch of say 20 year olds playing their music at a party. I dont think so.

Anonymous said...

I think the clique girlz are awesome. i love the music and they have great voices

Anonymous said...

Ariel left the clique girlz! i hope she goes solo cuz i really really really luv her and shes the best and the priettiest and she rox!