Thursday, October 30, 2008

MTV looking for young lovebirds

Nowadays, when love is in the air, you can bet there will be a TV camera somewhere capturing every unabashed moment. And if there isn't, now is your chance to make that happen. MTV emailed us yesterday asking to help recruit young engaged couples for the third season of its documentary series "Engaged and Underage."

You can let MTV tell the world your love story on national television - highlighting the engagement, the roller coaster ride of planning the wedding and the wedding day itself.

Interested couples between the ages of 18-22, who plan to get married this year or in January 2009 can fill out a lengthy questionnaire at Be ready to explain why you feel its important to squander your youth by getting married young, if friends or family members want you to wait a few years before you and your dreamboat tie the knot, the biggest issue you have in your relationship and why you feel you'd be prime reality TV material.

Or you can take the easy route and e-mail MTV at Tell them when and where you're getting married, why it's important to you and all the other incidentals - like name, phone number, e-mail address and a digital photo of you and your sweetie. In return, they will send you the questionnaire to fill out.

If you get picked, please e-mail me at We'd love to do a story on you and your TV love story!

- January Holmes

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