Friday, November 14, 2008

Local filmmaker makes big splash

Local film producer Ryan Bodie of Studio 26 Productions, Inc. has much to be thankful for. The young entrepreneur recently won the Best Film award for his film project, "Click Clack Jack: A Rail Legend" at the ninth annual WYSIWYG Festival in California - otherwise known as the Christian What You See Is What You Get Film Festival. We're told the festival is different from others because the audience votes on the films instead of a panel of festival judges.

"Click Clack Jack" is a wholesome family film with a Christian twist. It takes place in the 1870s, centering on an endearing railroad engineer named Jack. When a greedy land baron tries to swallow the town, Jack uses his wisdom to save everyone.

The film also has been screened at several other national film festivals, including the Florida Media Market film festival held last month. It will be screened in December at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, a bi-coastal festival held in New York and Los Angeles.

To learn more about the film or to watch clips, visit

- January Holmes

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