Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cookies top list for favorite holiday food

Remember our blog on the top foods consumed for Thanksgiving? Well, researchers at The NPD Group have a new chart out, tracking Americans favorite snack foods during the Christmas season.

The list includes all of our favorite holiday treats like nuts (which ranked No. 4), brownies (No. 12), chocolate candy (No. 3) and cookies (No. 1). Other favorites includes cheese, fudge and muffins.

Fruit cake - which is loved by only four people in the country, including my mom (this is just my estimate of course) - made the bottom of the list. The only thing I couldn't understand was how vegetables came in as No. 2. There was no specification on what kind of veggies people were consuming either. So, since this is snack food we are talking about here, I'm assuming it's the party trays of carrots and celery with ranch dressing dip, which are very delicious.

You can refer to these items for your Christmas party planning or holiday gift ideas. People never seem to turn down free food over the holidays, unless it's a fruit cake. But even then you could just re-gift it.

- January Holmes

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