Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Local film opportunity

Here's an opportunity for those who have always wanted to be in film. Auditions are set for Feb. 5 and 6 (location to be announced, possibly at Lido Beach) for an indie flick called "Portrait of Yvonne." The film is about the emotional struggles of four men who are trying to work through their flaws to find happiness. Scenes will be shot on beaches and other locales across the area.

Several families, young boys and older couples are needed. Filming will be Feb. 11-24.

Headshots and resumes can be emailed to producer Jeremiah Kipp at jeremiahkipp@hotmail.com. Mention you saw this post on our Web site.

Here's some info on the characters:

Boys at the pool: Caucasian, age 7-12, distinctively good-looking and wholesome, or eccentric class clown types. Brothers welcome. One of the kids jumps in the pool. (1 or 2 days)

Security Guard. Age 60s-80s. Could be male or female.
Could be a man or woman in his/her 60s or 70s, or even 80s. The type of person who retired 20 years ago but has just re-entered the workforce because their benefits are running out. (1 day)

Real estate agent. Age 40s. Female. Should have a strong and positive demeanor – confident, secure, a very nice (almost TV anchor) smile, but with eyes that are deeper and more substantial. Someone who lived through hard years and bad decisions in her 20s and 30s (a bad marriage, too much drinking, etc.) but in her 40s she has gotten her life together as a single, successful career woman. (1 day)

NY Businessmen: Age 40s-50s. Male. Corporate types. Must be comfortable appearing in scene shot on airplane. Paranoid about losing their jobs but covering it with professional demeanor. When not talking business, they can get lost in their own worlds checking iPhones/blackberries. (2 days)

Hotel Valet. Age 20s-30s. Hispanic. He has a quiet look and feeling about him. (1 day)

Bartender. Age 20s-30s. Tanned. Could be male or female but should be attractive, fit, tan. Someone who’s spent the last several years since college just hanging out on the beach, and is very comfortable in their own skin. (1 day)

Hotel Guests: Caucasian, male and female, age 60s and older, background roles but prominently featured in several scenes.

Also seeking families, age 30s-40s, with young kids with a middle-America look. (3 or 4 days, does not need does not need to be same actors but recurring background are welcome).

- January Holmes

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