Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bradenton's Jessica makes it through ANTM season premiere

If you haven't been following the Twitter feed below - Bradenton's Jessica Santiago made it through the first week of "America's Next Top Model." But at the bottom three. 

The judges said she looked too broken in her photos and that she had to bring more than just beauty to the competition. The models had to tap into their inner child for a photo shoot that had them posing as "kids" playing various games on a playground. Jessica was suppose to pose playing jax, but she stands there with her body looking twisted. She's not even engaging in the game. 

She's really pretty on TV, but I agree with the judges - pretty isn't enough to make it on this show. 

Tonight's show started in Las Vegas where a group of about 30 models hopefuls got widdled down to 13. The show took the finalists to New York, housing them in a nice loft. The models had to walk the runway too. 

Drama is already stirring in the household, especially with the ambitious Sandra around.  It will be an interesting season. 

Jessica will have to find a way to stand out though. 

- January Holmes

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