Monday, April 20, 2009

The scoop on free ice cream Tuesday

Did you know that tomorrow marks the 30th annual Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day? That's right. On Tuesday, head to the nearest Ben & Jerry store (which would be at 372 St. Armands Circle, Sarasota) for a free scoop of ice cream. More than two million free cones will be given away world wide. During the day, the store will unveil its newest flavor: Chocolate Macadamia, with Fair Trade vanilla, Fair Trade chocolate and sustainably-harvested macadamia nuts.

Here's the scoop:
“Our newest Fair Trade flavor is made with ingredients from all over the world. That provides social, economic and environmental benefits to the local communities they’re sourced from,” said Rick Almarode, owner/manager of Sarasota's B&J. “It proves that thirty years later we can continue to make progressive, business-based decisions that are good for the growers and their communities, as well as the belly and soul."


-January Holmes

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