Monday, August 24, 2009

Not fit for a princess

Jason Champion just couldn't tap into the inner princess hidden inside his last challenge on HGTV's Design Star Sunday night.

The Sarasota interior designer fumbled on the kids room challenge, turning a 17-year-old's wish for a princess-theme bedroom into a lackluster, unimaginative space that was barely fit for a peasant. Champion's charismatic personality and previous design skills weren't enough to cover up the fact that this wasn't up to par. The judges hated it, and it's easy to see why. It seems like Champion took a big step backwards. Placemats tacked on the walls for a headboard?! And did you notice the drawn-on window treatments?!

I would of hated to see the girl's reaction. Her room actually looked better before, don't you think?

What does work in this transformation is the chandelier and the mirror, but they seems lost in the surrounding tackiness. Though our local designer started out with carpenter troubles in this challenge, he still could of have pulled off something more eye-catching to say the least.

Champion, who made it halfway through the competition, told the cameras he was embarrassed after his show was cancelled. For those not in the know, the winner of Design Star gets a TV show. The lingo for those who get booted off Design Star is getting their show "cancelled."

But it looks like Champion isn't going to let this incident get him down. He told the cameras this wasn't going to be America's last time seeing him. Besides, he has three new lines coming out this fall of his own brand design label - Jason Champion Outdoor.

That has to count for something, right?

- January Holmes
(photos from HGTV's Design Star)

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