Thursday, January 21, 2010

For self esteem, don't look to Montag

All I really can think of is how sad these reality TV people are becoming. For instance, look at how "The Hill’s" Heidi Montag turned out — 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day?! One day! Isn’t 10 the lifetime limit?

And the sad thing about it all is that Montag wasn’t frumpy-looking to begin with. Her husband, Spencer Pratt, may be one of TV’s biggest loud-mouth brats, but I wasn’t holding that against her. Dating and marrying strange people is forgivable nowadays, to an extent.

The biggest question is what kind of message does Montag’s beauty stunt send to young women who may be struggling with their own body image. It’s already hard enough for them to see airbrushed images of beauty on the cover of magazines and on TV. It doesn’t help when they get teased about little things either, which apparently is what happened to Montag growing up. Yet telling girls "Feel bad about yourself? Well, get tons of plastic surgery!" doesn’t seem applicable in serious conversations. Whatever happened to inner beauty shinning through? Or beauty is the eye of the beholder? Being happy with what God gave you? Or girl power?

But maybe I’m wrong, maybe the nation’s teenagers and young women aren’t looking up to Montag — or any TV persona for that matter. I mean, aren’t there days when you feel like even Oprah’s let you down? Every once in a while her choice of talk show topics bores me.

But at least you don’t see Oprah going under the knife. She turns to exercise gurus, top chefs, her best friend, Gwen, and Dr. Phil instead.

For those wondering what Montag got: a brow lift, Botox (that stuff looks scary on people, especially when they get too much), a nose revision and fat in her cheeks, which was probably taken from her neck and/or waist, hips and thighs (those areas were all liposucked, by the way ).
I’m not finished. She also received a chin reduction, got her ears pinned back, her chest pumped up with more silicon and a backside augmentation. All this supposedly equals beauty, even the pinning back of your ears.

A complete waste of money on someone who was already beautiful to begin with.
-January Holmes

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