Monday, May 17, 2010

Gecko Fest online silent auction

The 2010 Gecko Fest may be over but a few geckos are still lurking around the Gecko Fest headquarters. Gecko Fest organizers are launching a special silent online auction event to give the artistically-designed geckos a home.

Nine geckos will be auctioned off beginning Saturday. Bids start at $500. They include "Curly," the yellow and green gecko with swirls; a Spider Man gecko; Elvis as a gecko; a Pittsburgh Pirates themed gecko; "A Long Night" gecko; the "Geeky" gecko; Lizard King of Hearts gecko; the "Gecko Intimidator" inspired by Dale Earnhardt and "Lacy Lizzie," the gecko in the little black dress.

People interested in the geckos can visit the auction preview page at

The auction ends May 31. Proceeds from the gecko sales will benefit area artists, local arts organizations and school art programs.

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