Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wizarding World lives up to hype

This attraction was unbelievable! I waited six hours in line yesterday just to get into that part of the Island. Truthfully, though, it was worth the wait!

The Forbidden Journey in Hogwarts was amazing. I have never experienced anything like this attraction. Even the line was entertaining. Just after you get into the castle there is plenty to see. Universal has redone Dueling Dragons and The Flying Unicorn into different themes and there is something to see all the way to the ride itself.

Butterbeer is as good as they say. If you plan on going anytime soon expect a wait. The line to get into Olivander's was two hours long. I still haven’t seen the inside of the Three Broomsticks.

Prices were OK for a theme park: Butterbeer was $9.25 and you got to keep the mug, wands were $28.95, shirts ran $24. Even if you buy nothing, the experience and memories are worth it.

-- Kathy Shaulis

Floating candles inside Hogwart's Castle

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