Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday's Art Brawl full of great music, art

Music and art joined forces Saturday night for Art Center Sarasota's Art Brawl. The fun event was in conjunction with the Vinyl Music Festival.

As the party got started, artists created works site on scene to the beat of the DJs music mixes. Guests watched every brush stroke. Some, like me, even became part of the action as Javier Rodriguez used people in the crowd for his art piece. Can you spot my face in his work as he paints another model?

Chris Lundy did an awesome statement piece on the Gulf oil spill featuring a dragon surrounded by newspaper headlines related to the spill.
Lundy's work as the evening progressed

Nick Sirotich spent the evening sketching. A video camera captured his sketch work and projected it on a screen for guests to get a closer look.

In the front gallery Cara Emily painted up a storm.

It was a great time meeting some of the artists and the people who attended Art Brawl. The event lasted until about 2 a.m., but I didn't stay that long to see the finished pieces.

The only thing missing, at least while I was there, was dancing. Everyone seemed to be waiting for someone else to get the dancing started. But with the Vinyl Music Festival's main event going on next door at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, people headed there to get their groove on.

I would love to see Art Brawl return next year with more artists and lots of dancing.

- January Holmes

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