Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Roger Waters wows with 'The Wall' in Tampa

Waters performing "The Wall" in Chicago, Sept. 20
Every rock act that ever attempts an arena show in the foreseeable future could learn a thing or two from Roger Waters.

So could Broadway.

The Pink Floyd mastermind's mind-blowing staging of his classic double album (and movie) "The Wall" at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa tonight easily ranks as one of the most impressive stage spectacles ever produced.

Waters and his small army of ace musicians delivered an amazing  musical rendering of the iconic Pink Floyd 1979 album complemented with visuals and pyrotechnics on a grander —and more poignant— scale than anything previously attempted by a rock act.

In its current incarnation, "The Wall" has come to symbolize the buffer we all must build against the onslaught of unchecked capitalism, corrupt politicians and savage warmongering.

It's doubtful I will experience a concert of this magnitude anytime soon.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog posts, Wade!....always timely, informative, and insightful...keep it up!