Thursday, October 13, 2011

UPDATED 10/16: Disney dissing 'Disenchanted' at Golden Apple in Sarasota is a must-see musical

UPDATED 10/16: Read my review "‘Disenchanted’ is a must-see musical"

Jennifer Baker plays Snow White in the Golden Apple Dinner Theatre production of "Disenchanted." Photo by Paul Videla.

The Golden Apple Dinner Theatre's staging of "Disenchanted" is a laugh-out-loud joy goosed with plenty of snark, wit and a cleverly delivered message of female empowerment.
Created by former Walt Disney World Resort employees Dennis Giacino (book, music and lyrics) and Fiely Matias (additional lyrics), the show gives fun, hilarious voices to the princesses locked up in the Mouse House.

Smartly directed by Kyle Ennis Turoff, the Golden Apple production stars Jennifer Baker (Snow White), Mari Bryan (Cinderella) and Alex Torres (Sleeping Beauty).

“Disenchanted” also features Dianne Dawson (Belle), Jenn Abreu (Mulan), Aileen Suseck (Pocahontas), Hilary Kraus (Little Mermaid), Helen Holliday (Rapunzel), Ariel Blue (Frog Princess) and Roberta MacDonald (Secondary Princess/Princess Badroulbadour/Esmeralda/Bitter Pixie)

Each woman shines in her respective role and in MacDonald's case, multiple roles.

My full review of "Disenchanted" will run Sunday and can be found at

It will run in print on front of A&E.

Read my interview with Giacino, Matias, Turoff and cast members:

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