Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas songs that rock: from Bob Dylan to James Brown to Lady Gaga

The holiday season has resulted in vats of songs that reek like rotten eggnog.

On occasion, though, someone like Bob Dylan, James Brown or Lady Gaga gets it right.

Here's a look at 16 Christmas songs that rock.

"Run Rudolph Run," Chuck Berry: Contemporaries like Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Beach Boys all recorded great Christmas songs. But only Chuck Berry's holiday hit about the most famous reindeer of all really rocks.

"Jingle Bells," X: Published in the mid-19th century by James Lord Pierpont, this song didn't truly come alive until seminal Los Angeles punk band X got hold of the song a few years back for its two-track EP "Merry Xmas From X."

"Christmas in Hollis," Run D.M.C.: Rhyming over the riff from soul singer Clarence Carter's naughty holiday hit "Back Door Santa," the members of hip-hop kings Run D.M.C. brilliantly recall Christmas in their Queens neighborhood on this song that first introduced suburban moms to rap in 1987.

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