Friday, September 20, 2013

Pat Metheny plays Mahaffey in St. Petersburg

   Pat Metheny's one of those artists that almost everyone seems to like, or at least appreciate. He has the chops and the creativity to appeal to music connoisseurs, and the amiable attitude and melodic sense to appeal to casual music fan. He also treads the border between rock and jazz so skillfully that adherents of both camps enjoy his music.
Metheny (left) and the Unity Group
   The celebrated guitarist will bring his Unity Group to the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg at 7 p.m. Feb.9.
   Tickets go on sale next week, on at noon Sept, 27. They'll run you $45, $55 or $65.
   Metheny's Unity Group includes Chris Potter, Ben Williams, Antonio Sanchez and Giulio Carmassi. They'll be releasing a new album in February, right around the time of the Mahaffey concert.
   You can get tickets by calling
727-893-7832, by visiting, or by stopping in to the Mahaffey Theater Box Office.

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