Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Five reasons to see 'Best Seller!'

Five reasons you should go see "Best Seller!" at the Manatee Players:

1. It's an original play written by Sarasotan Don Crabb, making its world premiere on the Manatee Players stage — so it's history in the making, you could say. Playwrights who have debuted their work there have gone on to great things, including Broadway and working on TV shows such as "ER."

2. Clothes come off — well, not entirely — in a funny musical scene that will having you laughing your socks off.

3. Southern accents, I don't get to hear enough of them here in west Florida. Reminds me of home back in Georgia.

4. Jerry Lee Cosby, evangelist-tycoon with a soft spot for money and tambourines.

5. "Best Seller!" is a sell-out. Many of the performances are selling faster than hotcakes, I'm told. Get your ticket now before the show closes Saturday. — January Holmes

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