Friday, March 28, 2008

Syesha needs a new sound on 'Idol'

Sarasota's Syesha Mercado found herself in the bottom two on "American Idol" this week while fellow contestant Kristy Lee Cook found herself completely safe for once.

You may be wondering what is wrong with the world or America for that matter.

Well, I'll tell ya. Syesha's near-defeat after a well-sung performance of Stephanie Mills "If I Were Your Woman" this week, came because Syesha hasn't dared to step out of her musical boundary much. Most of the songs she has sung have been strictly R&B tunes with the same soulful, predictable sound we're used to hearing from Syesha. Not that doing R&B hits is wrong. She's just not bringing anything tremendously unique to them. If she wants to win this thing, she should show more versatility or at best, bring a seriously funky style to her R&B choices — like David Cook has been doing with his rock 'n' roll choices. I love the version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" he performed on the show Tuesday night.

So Syesha, please do some pop hits, maybe a rock 'n' roll ballad. You shined so beautifully when you performed "Yesterday" for Beatles week No. 2.

As for Kristy, the only reason she's safe this week is the fact she picked a patriotic song to perform. No one in their right mind would vote off someone who sings "God Bless the USA." That's just unpatriotic. Next week, I predict she'll be back in the bottom three, unless she sings another patriotic tune.

As for my top five "American Idol" predictions — David Cook, Brooke White, Carly Smithson, dare I say Jason Castro (teenage girls seem to love him, though he's starting to bore me) and of course, the too-adorable-for-his-own-good David Archuleta.

If Syesha can change her song-choice strategy, then she'll be destined for the top five in no time. - January Holmes

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