Monday, April 28, 2008

Are these "Idols" marketable?

Let me say this politely ... I'm kind of hoping Syesha Mercado doesn't win "American Idol."


Well, since the winner of "Idol" is given an automatic record deal on the spot, along with the tremendous pressure that follows on making such a deal successful for all parties involved — well, I'm not sure if Syesha can pull that off. She seems to be more vibrant doing Broadway tunes. So I can easily see Broadway knocking on her door, especially since she was studying to be an actress before "Idol" came along and swept her up.

Either way, it would be heart-breaking to watch her win if she can't pull off record sales. Remember Taylor Hicks, last year's "Idol" winner? He was dumped by his record label after bad sales. Tragic.

On watching the show, I'm starting to wonder about the marketability of these folks. Who could pull off the biggest recording success from this crop of five?

My mind immediate races to David Cook. The guy obviously has his own sound and personality, even if it is a little Daughtry-esque. Cook's album would be successful regardless, as long as he has solid lyricists working alongside him.

Then there's the other David, which, when put in the "record deal" light, may seem a little too young for all the fanfare that follows "Idol." But still, he has a sort of Michael Bublé appeal about him.

Brooke may be a hit or miss. There's definitely something there though — a kind of Tori Amos gone soft thing. As long as she doesn't try to dance, and has a good lyricist to reflect her style, she'll shine.

Jason Castro — as odd of a duckling as he is, he has a very unique sound along with a tight fan base it seems since he made through unscathed on "Idol" after a horrendous song choice last week. I think he would do alright with his own album. At least for a little while. — January Holmes


Gwen said...

You really should take the time to listen to some of David Cook's pre-Idol music. Though it could use some remixing/remastering, sound adjusting, etc. (as it is an independent project), it's actually phenomenal. So...I think he's ready to record like...right now?

Anonymous said...

Tragic? Taylor Hicks who sold 701,000 CDs domestically and 840,000 worldwide is tragic? LOLOLOL! Tell us another WTF comment.

Did you see him yesterday singing NA at Talladega? The man, and I mean "man" not "boy" is doing just fiiiiiine, my friend! New album, new tour, new DVD all coming up. Stay tuned!

You people crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Taylor Hicks has just finished two sold out tours and is currently working on releasing two new albums and a live DVD. His first record went platiunim *without* them giving him any airplay but he terminated that contract due to the record company breaching the contract. If going platiunim without any publicity is bad record sales then thats news to me!!!

January said...

Record sales still didn't hit the all-important $1 million mark record companies look for. Read this.

january said...

The latest Hicks' news I could find doesn't show him as a stand-out in record sales to date.

Keep us updated on his whereabouts.