Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is Paula crazy? Will Syesha survive?

So the word on the street is that "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul needs to be committed — fast — after her blunder last night.

For those of you that missed it, Paula started giving her comments for two of Jason Castro's songs last night.

Poor Paula jumped the gun a bit too early, giving her comments for the second song during the first segment, before the group picked up their mics again to sing their second tune.

Yes, it was a bad night for the seemingly flustered Paula. Conspiracy theorists believe her blunder proves the show is scripted. I don't really think so. But scripted or no, it just proves that Paula can be somewhat incompetent. That, or she was so bored by Jason's performance of "Forever in Blue Jeans" — which was so lackluster — she thought he was singing two songs in one.

If that's the case, I can easily sympathize with the former pop star.

If America is truly wise, Jason — who seems quite lazy on stage lately — will get the boot tonight, keeping Syesha — who continues to show a growing prowess — safe for another week.

Still, it's got to be a scary thought for Syesha to know that the last few weeks have landed her in the bottom vote-getters spotlight. This is getting intense.

Keep your fingers crossed. — January Holmes

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fredd said...

Paula was just being Paula. Why do the producers continue to keep HER on the show demonstrates an admission that people tune in just to see how bonked she is on any given night.
And, as for Syesha continually being in the bottom two, are those two who stand beside Ryan at the end of the show really the bottom two or just the bottom voter-getter and a sacrifical lamb on display to encourage more votes the following week? I find it interesting that it is never announced if any independent accounting firm is actually overseeing the vote count or what exactly the vote count is for each candidate. When (or if) that happens, then I may start watching on a regular bases. And how about the remaining singers having the opportunity to judge Randy, Paula and Simon on how well they are faired in their opinions (since none of them can actually sing).