Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bradenton's Erin Kelly advances on 'American Idol'

Erin Kelly courtesy
UPDATED 2/17: Click for version that ran in print and on Herald homepage. 

Cee-Lo's hit "Forget You" proved fortuitous.

Erin Kelly, age 20, performed the song in the group round Wednesday on "American Idol."

It advanced the Winghouse of Bradenton server to the next level of competition.

Watch Fox at 8 p.m. Thursday to see if Kelly's success continues on this year's "Road to Hollywood."

Last July, she made her first "American Idol" advancement in New Orleans, the third site of auditions for the first round in the 10th season of the popular reality show.

Herbie and Josie Torres of Bradenton were present to support their adopted daughter.

“She made it,” Herbie said at the time.

“We were sitting there, and we saw where she was. They had her sing, then they made her wait, then they had her sing again, and she made it,” Josie said.

During the drive from Bradenton to the Crescent City, their car broke down. Herbie fixed it, but they had no air conditioning, he said.

Kelly remained determined to succeed.

“This is my dream, and I’m going to chase it,” she said in July.

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