Thursday, February 3, 2011

Justin Moore on new single 'If Heaven Wasn't so Far Away'

Justin Moore at Joyland in Bradenton on Friday/
Rising country star Justin Moore on his soon-to-be-released single "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" and new album that he wants to title "Outlaws Like Me." The singer/songwriter best known for the recent hit "Small Town U.S.A." performs at Joyland in Bradenton on Friday.

Moore interview running on Weekend cover of today's Herald:
Justin Moore’s homegrown hits “Small Town USA,” “Backwoods” and “How I Got to Be This Way” have made him one of country music’s most promising young stars.

But it’s another original from the singer/songwriter’s self-titled 2009 album that inspired his upcoming release.

“The song ‘Grandpa,’ about losing my hero, was one I wanted to be a single,” Moore said when he called last week from his tiny hometown of Poyen, Ark. “But when I found this song I wanted it to be the first single -- to fill that void.”

“If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” will be released to country radio Feb. 22. It opens with the memories a rural boy makes in the company of a grandfather who owns a fruit stand and takes the youngin’ fishing.
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Justin Moore: "Outlaws Like Me"

Justin Moore: "Small Town U.S.A."

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