Thursday, March 10, 2011

UPDATED 4/15: Morgan Fairchild sitcom pilot 'Workers' Comp' shooting in Bradenton, Palmetto and Sarasota

Fairchild: April 5, 2010 in Los Angeles/
UPDATED 4/15:  "On set in Bradenton with Morgan Fairchild"
UPDATED 4/10:  "Morgan Fairchild has arrived in Bradenton for shooting of 'Workers' Comp'"

UPDATED 4/5:  "'Sopranos' actor joins cast of Bradenton-shot sitcom pilot 'Workers' Comp'"

UPDATED 4/3: OK, here are the facts. Running on front page of today's Bradenton Herald:

Local production company lands star and others for TV show pilot"

UPDATED 3/11: "I understand Harrison (Sanborn) is a co-writer, and that the story is actually based upon the other writer’s background or family experiences of actually running a workers comp office," reads e-mail sent from Sarasota County Film and Entertainment Director Jeanne Corcoran at 2:33 p.m. March 11.  "The production company we’ve been assisting with permit information and other production questions and resources is not Sanborn Studios."

Emmy Award-nominated actress Morgan Fairchild will be in Bradenton and Sarasota shooting the comedy pilot "Workers Comp" in April.

Sanborn Studios chief Ken Sanborn's 19-year-old son Harrison Sanborn co-wrote the script.

Sanborn Studios, which has a facility in Lakewood Ranch,  did not return a message left via phone with its receptionist this afternoon regarding "Workers Comp."

There's no mention of the show on the film and television company's website.

My e-mail exchange with Sarasota County Film and Entertainment Director Jeanne Corcoran did not reveal if Sanborn Studios is involved:

Tatangelo (7:11 p.m.): "'Workers Comp being shot in Sarasota and Bradenton ... Do you have any news regarding this Sanborn Studios production of sitcom starring Morgan Fairchild ... scheduled to shoot in Bradenton and Sarasota on April 10?"

Corcoran (8:48 p.m.): "Morgan + Robert Carradine are in 'Workers Comp' shooting here April."

Charley Koontz, Robert Carradine, Castille Landon and Jennifer Lee Wiggins also star in the independently produced "Workers Comp" from David Sauers ("Taking Woodstock") and Mark Wooster.
The comedy centers on a family insurance business owned by Joan (Fairchild) and the often odd workers comp claims  that they are forced to manage.

"Filming will begin April 10 in Tampa, Fla.," reads Fairchild's website.

Harrison Sanborn co-wrote the script with Landon.

E-mails and phone messages were also been left this afternoon with Fairchild's rep and Sauers.

Fairchild, who was nominated for an Emmy in 1990 for her guest appearance on "Murphy Brown," can be seen on NBC's "Chuck."

Koontz appears on NBC's "Community."

Carradine's credits include "Lizzie McGuire."


artsinwonderland said...

Can't wait!

Carol said...

Wow! When you're hot you're hot. How did you get this contact. Things are rally hopping in Sarasota!

Good luck! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

as someone who has been dealing with comp for over 8 years, I am not sure what has been hysterical and what has left me in tears, as it really as a whole is one big joke. I look forward to the show.

RCOBAMA said...

The Sanborns are moving forward with making Sarasota and Bradenton film friendly. The community should support their efforts on every level. These entrepreneurs are bringing jobs, money and vision to the area. The Gulf Coast has been talking about being a perfect environment for film and commercial production for years. Now we have a group that is putting their money where their mouth is so let's congratulate them and support the program.

Anonymous said...

Having spent the last 8 years in the Workers' Compensation industry, I am super excited about this show! I am interested to see if they'll be using the same lingo too!

Anonymous said...

Having spent the last 20 years in Workers Comp. I can see how this could be a very funny show. I have seen it from both sides applicant and defense.....