Sunday, April 10, 2011

UPDATED 2 p.m.: Message from Morgan Fairchild on having arrived in Bradenton for shooting of 'Workers' Comp'

Morgan Fairchild from her Twitter page

UPDATED 2 p.m.: Morgan Fairchild and I have been messaging back and forth on Twitter. Here's what she posted on her page:

Morgan Fairchild
@ Ah! Thanks Wade! Very interesting. Hope to meet you while I'm here. I'll retweet the article.
Morgan Fairchild
@ Thanks! Nice 2 hear there's buzz! No idea yet what work schedule will be here. Should know more later 2day. Nice article u did!


Judging by a recent tweet, Morgan Fairchild has arrived in Bradenton and had a "lovely dinner" with "Workers' Comp" creator/writer/co-star Castille Landon and her mom, the show's executive producer Dori Sperko.

Here's what the TV icon tweeted Saturday:
@jrrose18 U warned me about heat! Lovely dinner with my new writer/co-star & her mom/producer. Makes heat easier when folks are so nice!

I recently met with Landon and co-writer/director Harrison Sanborn at VADAR Productions in downtown Bradenton for "'Workers' Comp' starts filming in Manatee this week," running on front of Bradenton Herald today.

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