Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dan Toler, Mike Kach, Pedro Arevalo and more make first MacFest a success

Dan Toler (right) and Tony Tyler/posted to by Dan Kriwitsky

Dan Toler rocked it last night at MacFest with a great band featuring singer/guitarist Tony Tyler.

Here's the story running in today's Bradenton Herald by reporter Paradise Afshar:

"Southern rock fans inundate Bradenton."

"JoeBradenton" commented: "Great event. Music, fun, beer and no problems. Bradenton has become a destination for festivals."

Good call, Joe. I didn't see or hear of any trouble. Just hundreds of people getting together to enjoy first-rate music made by residents of Manatee and Sarasota.

Dan Toler playing to a big, happy crowd Saturday. Posted to by Dan Kriwitsky

I waited until the rain stopped and walked over to Old Main Street around 4:30 p.m. to catch The Mike Kach Group as well as Pedro Arevalo and Friends and the Michael Mac Band turn in sizzling, crowd-pleasing sets before Toler delivered his powerful performance.

Full disclosure: my younger brother Joel Tatangelo, whose Pinellas-based StandBack Band kicked off this year's Wanee Festival, played slide/lead guitar with Mac's band and Kach's group Saturday.

L to R: Duane Betts, Michael Mac, Frankie Lombardi, Joel Tatangelo, Mike Kach/photo by W. Tatangelo

Here's a clip of the Mike Kach Group performing the Allman Brothers Band fave "One Way Out." Not pictured above is Bodie Valdez, who's seen below playing some sweet harmonica. And, yeah, that's me at the end of the clip looking proud but nervous, which is how I pretty much always look when my brother performs.

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