Sunday, May 1, 2011

UPDATED 5/5: Kris Kristofferson to pen memoir

UPDATED 5/5: Here's the entire interview. Story running on cover of Bradenton Herald's Weekend section today: "Kristofferson reflects on remarkable career."

Kris Krisofferson has lived the kind of life most men only dream of.

A U.S. Army Captain and then a janitor, he came to be known as a poet, rock star, movie star and sex symbol.

Yeah, it's a cliche, but he's now best described as a living legend. 

I had the privilege of calling Krisofferson at his Hawaii home recently for a story to advance his May 10 date at Tampa Theatre.

Here's a snippet:

Me: Your life is as amazing as any fictional one. I’m sure you’ve had numerous memoir offers. Have you ever considered writing one, or something like Bob Dylan’s “Chronicles?”

Kristofferson: Yeah, I plan on doing that as soon as I can slow down and get off the road. I'm just as amazed as you are at the stuff I had the audacity to do (laughs). It would be interesting to do and a way to let my kids in on all the things going down.

Me: You know as soon it's completed a producer will snatch up the film rights. Who would you like see play you in the movie?

Kristofferson: Oh boy, that’s hard. They were going to do a film about Janis (Joplin) and I remember being asked if Brad Pitt would be a good guy to play me and I said, "That’s perfect!" (laugh). But the movie didn't get made and Brad got spared (laugh).

My Kristofferson story will run in the Bradenton Herald later this week. I'll update this blog post with link. 

Kristofferson at Tampa Theatre on May 10.

Photo courtesy of his label New West Records.

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