Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TONIGHT: 'Man V. Food Nation' viewing party

Skipper's Smokehouse will be throwing a 'Man V. Food Nation' viewing party this evening for good reason — the iconic Tampa restaurant/music venue is in it.

Adam Richman and crew were at the Skipperdome in February to shoot an episode for the reboot of "Man V. Food," now re-imagined as "Man V. Food Nation."

The revised concept involves the public more in a particular town, getting recommendations for local favorites and has members of the public doing the beloved/dreaded Food Challenges.

Richman didn't do the Food Challenge at Skipper's but he did eat a Grouper Reuben and Gator Ribs "and if you follow in his, er, mouthsteps(?) and order either of them today, you'll receive two-for-one admission to Island Nite (reggae every Wednesday) so you can dance off those calories," reads the press release.

Visit the MVFN page on the Travel Channel site for more info about the show and to see behind-the-scene photos,

9 p.m in the Oyster Bar and Smoking Garden.
Skipper's Smokhouse

Can’t be here in person? Watch in on Brighthouse 54 (standard), 1267 (HD)and Verizon 170 (standard), 1623 (standard), 670 (HD).

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