Thursday, October 10, 2013

Artist in Sarasota wants what you don't

   Lisa Hoke wants your refuse.
   The respected New York City artist, who's famous for transforming discarded everyday materials into beautiful works of art, will spend three weeks creating one of her innovative installations inside the Sarasota High School
Hoke with one of her creations
   Her finished work will be exhibited Jan. 15-Feb. 4 as part of the Ringling College/ Sarasota Museum of Art "ARTmuse" program. 
   Hoke uses huge amounts of everyday consumer materials to create epic, color-saturated assemblages. During her Sarasota project, she'll  create a site-specific installation inside the historic Sarasota High School, the future home of the Sarasota Museum of Art.
    “Castaway treasures become my tools for expression of beauty,”  Hoke said. “My room-sized collages are derived from cardboard and paper packaging, reflecting the amazing unappreciated properties of colorful disposable consumer products. My new installation for SMOA will continue my exploration of color and form in large-scale works.”
   She invites area residents to participate by donating their discarded cereal boxes, paper goods boxes, produce boxes, office supply boxes, shoe boxes, liquor boxes and things like that. She's looking for colorful stuff that's not ripped or crumpled, and nothing made of plastic, and she needs a lot of it.
    You can drop off your refuse 11 a.m-2 p.m. Oct.19, Nov. 9 and Dec, 14, at Sarasota High School, 1001 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.
   Call 941-309-7662.

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