Thursday, January 10, 2008

Artist director has high hopes for Sarasota theater

Jeffery Kin, artistic director for The Players Theatre isn't taking his new position lightly. He has high hopes in store for the Sarasota community theater.

When I attended The Players luncheon last week to cover its 2008-09 season announcement, I learned that Kin — who has been artistic director for six months — is eager to have the theater continue to grow dynamically and artistically.

The writer, actor and director has proposed a refreshing season that includes a few interesting shows and challenging productions such as "The Spitfire Grill" and "Titanic." On top of that, he's hoping to take a group to the regional community theater competition next season.

Though he'll be competing alongside the Manatee Players, I'm sure it will be a friendly contest. Last week over lunch, he talked about collaborating with the Manatee Players and Venice Little Theatre on future projects. Which makes sense since many non-professional actors like to perform at all three venues. It seems Kin may be the man to make this long-time dream of community theaters joining forces a solid reality as he is well known in the theater community.

I find that people literally beam if you mention Jeffery Kin's name. And I can see why. He has a personality that charms and a professional side that shines.
Let's hope that spirit continues.

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