Monday, January 14, 2008

Writers strike tarnishes Golden Globes

Did you miss the Golden Globes Sunday?

Well, I can't say that I cried over the whole affair, though I actually missed seeing some of the media fanfare afterwards — a recap on the best jokes of the evening, who snagged the best actor, actress and best film awards and the coveted worst and best dressed list.

Thanks to the on-going writers strike, the Golden Globes was watered down to an announcement of who won what. After the winners were named, you could hear a handful of people clapping in the background. It was kind of odd and very un-glamorized. What's an awards show without the Red Carpet, the flashy clothes and cameras zooming in on famous faces getting their various reactions?

NBC tried its best to fill the time with interviews of the nominees. I think I tuned in long enough to see a glimpse of Russell Crowe for a moment then I went back to channel surfing, watching snippets from "60 Minutes," "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and later a full dose of "The Amazing Race."

Such is the state of TV now. It seems all we have are news shows and reality TV shows to keep those who have a hearty TV appetite going. Of course, there are a few shows that have been able to squeeze a short season of episodes out before halting productions. Maybe "American Idol" which premieres tomorrow, will fill some of the slack.
In the meantime, the next big question is will the Academy Awards be canned if the writer's strike continues?

— January Holmes

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