Sunday, January 6, 2008

Eye opening experience at G.WIZ

Saturday I went to view "Bodies Revealed" at GWIZ, the childrens' science museum on Sarasota's bay front. I had never been to GWIZ and I'm so glad I finally went. The place was packed, which I didn't think it would be on an NFL playoff weekend. "Bodies Revealed" is a traveling show that features 8 real body specimens and more than 234 organs and partial body specimens. I thought it might be gross, but it's actually fascinating. I learned many things I didn't know about the human body. The coolest was looking at all the blood vessels in an arm and see how intricate our blood pathways are. I was also a little sad to see examples of colon and prostate cancers, both of which my dad has had ... and survived. The most affecting was the display of both healthy lungs and smoker's lungs. I recently quit smoking and this was the best positive reinforcement I could've received. I hope it inspires others.

This was just the first thing we saw at GWIZ, after "Bodies," we wondered upstairs and found a treasure trove to fun hands-on science exhibits. And while there were many children having fun, the thing that stuck out to me was that seniors and adults were having just as much fun experimenting with magnets, lasers, listening devices and more.

Beyond that room was the "Tutankhamun - The Boy King" exhibit on display through April 15. This is not the real exhibit, but rather an imitation. Very interesting none the less. Intricate jewelry, dazzling gold statues and other Egyptian artifacts.

I recommend heading to GWIZ before the "Bodies" and King Tut exhibits end. - Jana Morreale

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