Friday, February 8, 2008

'Lost' deepens the mystery

The plane! The plane! What the heck is there a fake Oceanic 815 on the bottom of the ocean and who put it there and why? That's the new big question on "Lost."

In this week's episode we met the four would-rescuers whom I'll call the Fab Four. An archeologist, a ghost hunter, a scientist and a drunken pilot. By the end of the night we know that they are looking for the Dharma Initiative and Ben. Ben says he knows all about them, but how is he communicating with his "man on the boat"? All forms of communication on the island have been blown up by Locke, right?

I thought this was an OK episode, but again the show brings up more questions than answers and at times is a little frustrating.

By the way, where are the other Others?

Best line of the night: "Who are we to argue with taller ghost Walt?" —Sawyer. Ha! — Jana Morreale

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