Friday, February 1, 2008

'Lost' returns with more mystery

After an 8-month break "Lost" returned last night for the beginning of eight new episodes. And not a moment too soon. Thankfully, I watched the 8 p.m. "Lost: Past, Present & Future" to catch up on all that's been going on. The one thing about "Lost," is that there is so much hidden detail and character back story, that I often find myself lost. But that's also one of the reasons I love the show — its great amount of depth in the human condition. I'm hoping in this blog on Fridays, we can create a discussion of everyone's thoughts on the program and theories about what's going to happen. No spoilers, please.

Thoughts on last night's program:
— I hope that Charlie keeps returning from the dead. His new dead hair cut looks much better and Hurley needs a friend right now.
— I'm so sick of the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle.
— It's going to be great this season watching the future flashbacks, but if there's only eight episodes, instead of the planned 16, will we just be left hanging?

As usual, the show raising more questions than it answers. Here are some of mine.
— Who are the Oceanic 6? 1. Jack 2. Kate 3. Hurley. Who are the other three? Why are there only six?
— Why do Jack and Hurley regret leaving the island?
— Who was the man questioning Hurley at the mental hospital?
— What is up the scary haunted house and who is in the rocking chair?
— If Naomi was so injured, how did she manage to climb a tree?
— If it's not Penny's ship, whose is it?
— What secret is Hurley keeping that has Jack so worried?
— Am I the only one who believes that Charlie isn't really dead? Because if he was dead, how could the other mental patient see him?
Stay tuned next Friday for another update. — Jana Morreale, sections editor

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