Monday, February 11, 2008

Writers' strike nears end but new episodes nowhere in sight

The writers' strike, which has created a television limbo for about three months, is nearly over. And I, for one, could not have been happier, until I read that many television series probably won't be up and running for viewers to see until next season. Or at best, by the end of this season.


But there's good to seen here, and not just in the fact that the writers, who work hard for their money, have received most of what they demanded from the strike in the first place. Though, I've made do without fresh episodes of shows like "Heroes," "Pushing Daises," the ever-popular "Grey's Anatomy," and other favorites, the strike has given me time to concentrate on other things such as:

1. Reading. I was able to finish my copy of "Agnes and the Hitman" and a couple other books that formerly had to compete with TV time.

2. Exercising. No rushing through or skipping an exercise session now that there's fewer shows on TV to keep my attention span. I'll be fit by summer.

3. Catching up on the game shows. Just started getting in the habit of watching "Wheel of Fortune" again. Still trying to figure out why Pat Sajak and Vanna White never seem to age.

4. Finding new shows to watch. NBC's "Gladiator" typically holds my attention span for 5.8 minutes before I flip the station, but I thoroughly enjoyed "Clash of the Choirs." I'm also starting enjoy the CW series "Gossip Girl" and of course Fox's "American Idol" is back on, too.

And if the summer is filled with more re-runs and reality shows, I think I may try my hand at gardening again.

Oh, the possibilities. — January Holmes

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