Thursday, August 5, 2010

Call to artists - more public art in store

On Sunday, my column will highlight a new public art project for Old Main Street - sculpture bike racks.

That's right. It's art with a purpose.

For local artists interested in the project, here's some the info you'll need to know from the Bradenton Downtown Development Authority:



Creativity: High quality design and artistic creativity

Sensitivity to urban setting:

• Relationship to the urban core character of Old Main St, downtown Bradenton

• does not impede pedestrian flow on sidewalks and keeps right‐of‐ways in compliance with ADA


• The City and Community desire to retain and enhance the pedestrian/bicycle orientation of Old

Main St. public art should relate to the pedestrian/bike rider experience of the street.


• Able to support and lock up at least two bikes securely and without damaging the bikes

• Low maintenance and high durability in the Florida environment.

Safety Some of the technical design features for a successful sculpture/bike rack are:

o No sharp edges.

o To be detected by a white cane, the protruding or leading edge of the rack shall be 27" or less above the

sidewalk surface.

o The top of the bike rack design must be a minimum of 36" tall.

o Except for the bike rack supporting brackets, the shortest section of the bike rack must be a minimum of

27" tall—enough to be perceived by pedestrians and avoid tripping hazards.

o The space between rack features must be larger than 9" and smaller than 3.5" to avoid the potential for

children trapping their heads.

Go to: to view pictures of available bike rack locations

DEADLINE: September15, 2010

Find a COMPLETE list of guidelines at

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