Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best Valentine's Day song?

Only a singer/songwriter as brilliant as Steve Earle could get away with forgetting Valentine's Day and replacing flowers, chocolate, dinner, jewelry, etc. with a beautiful new ballad.

Here's how he introduces the song "Valentine's Day" on the live version found on his highly recommended compilation "The Definitive Collection 1983-1997."

"This song was written on February 13th because, ah, it was, getting ready to be Valentine's Day and I can't get no kind of a license (laughs) ... I hadn't done enough planning in advance, which is the story of my life, so I wrote this."

Here's the studio version off his killer country-rock album "I Feel Alright," which came out in 1996.


Anonymous said...

Written only a couple months after he got out of rehab and jail... still on parole, which explains the lack of a drivers license.

Wade Tatangelo said...

Thought that's how the (full) story went but wasn't sure. Thanks!