Friday, February 17, 2012

Name that Manatee! Sea cow adorns new logo for Sarasota Blues & Music Fest

The Sarasota Blues & Music Festival (formerly the Sarasota Blues Fest) just posted its new logo on Facebook:

"As we’ve been going down the path of pulling this year’s festival together, we realized we needed a logo and reached out to the artist of previous festival posters, Jeff Troldahl, to give us his take on what a logo should look like," spokesman Deven Nongbri wrote in an email to me. "He’s been doing the festival posters for the past thirteen years and has a great feel for the vibe of the festival.

"We’ll announce a contest later this spring to name the manatee, but this will be a logo we’ll see more of in the coming year."

How about Snooty?

Click for more info on the event that takes place Sept. 29.

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