Thursday, February 9, 2012

UPDATED 2/23: Cody Simpson dishes on Justin Bieber recording session and their Ping-Pong match

UPDATED 2/23: 'Cody Simpson says he's more than a teen idol'

For millions of teenage girls around the world, nothing would be better than hearing a duet by Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber.

And it will most likely happen.

As soon as the two pals stop playing table tennis.

"We haven’t finished the track, yet," Simpson said during a phone interview today. "Last time (in the recording studio) we got caught up on the Ping-Pong table."

The Australian with nearly two million Twitter followers laughed.

"We’re still teenagers like that," Simpson continued. "We’re very dedicated to our music but we’re also very dedicated to Ping-Pong."

He then admitted Bieber beat him, but said a rematch is in the works.

I interviewed Simpson by phone today for an upcoming story to advance his Feb. 24 show at The Ritz Ybor in Tampa.

—Publicity photo of Cody Simpson courtesy of Atlantic Records.

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