Wednesday, August 8, 2012

UPDATED 8/19 with interview: Cutting-edge comic Doug Stanhope to play Tampa Improv

Brilliant, brutally honest comic Doug Stanhope's newly announced "Big Stink"tour will make a stop Aug. 19 at the Tampa Improv.

His dark, hilarious Showtime special, "Doug Stanhope Before Turning the Gun on Himself," started airing Aug. 3. 

(I watched it again last night and again laughed loud enough to scare the dogs and sleeping fiancee).

Stanhope, who could be the breakout comic of the year, digitally released the album "Before Turning The Gun On Himself" in March and it immediately reached No. 1 on the Billboard, iTunes and Amazon comedy charts. Recorded in Salt Lake City at The Complex, the live companion CD/DVD will be out Nov. 6.

"Before Turning the Gun on Himself" track listing:

1. Hangover
2. Dr. Drew is to Medicine what David Blaine Is To Science
3. AA Is A Poorly-Constructed Cult And Doesn't Work
4. Just Move
5. My P--- Stinks
6. Simple Man
7. Keynesian Economic Theory As Applied To Private-Sector Independent Contracting
8. Giant Black C---
9. It's A Party, Not Daycare, A------
10. Bisbee Thrill Ride
11. Art & The Unfortunate State Of The Japanese Undercarriage
12. Remember When I Used To Give S---?/Killer Closer

Tour Dates With Carlos Valencia and Junior Stopka:

8/7/2012 Lindsay Street Hall Chattanooga, TN
8/8/2012 Relix Variety Theatre Knoxville, TN
8/9/2012 The Orange Peel Asheville, NC
8/10/2012 Music Farm Charleston, SC
8/11/2012 Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte, NC
8/12/2012 Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC
8/14/2012 The Worm Hole Savannah, GA
8/15/2012 The Underbelly Jacksonville, FL
8/16/2012 Orlando Improv Orlando, FL
8/18/2012 Culture Room Fort Lauderdale, FL
8/19/2012 Tampa Improv Tampa, FL
8/21/2012 Georgia Theatre Athens, GA
8/22/2012 Handle Bar Pensacola, FL
8/23/2012 One Eyed Jacks New Orleans, LA
8/24/2012 Zydeco Birmingham, AL
8/25/2012 Relapse Theatre Atlanta, GA

Tampa Improv

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Kent Roberts said...

I ran into a woman last night @ who said when she was in college @ ~1995, Stanhope was brought into her school by a friend's sorority. He was asked to sit in on this roast early in the day where they detailed the sexual histories of each of the sorority sisters. Stanhope got up on stage that night and proceeded to unveil all this information about the sorority sisters to the rest of the students. Apparently he opened with the line, "My name is Doug Stanhope, and have I got some gossip for you!" I'm a comedian too, and I think Stanhope is in a class of his own re: social satire.