Thursday, January 17, 2013

Derek Trucks wants Dickey Betts, who lives in Sarasota, to play with Allman Brothers Band

Here's an excerpt from my Derek Trucks interview/story running today that should interest my fellow Allman Brothers Band enthusiasts and fans of Sarasota County resident Dickey Betts:
The anniversary topic leads to the sticky issue of Allman Brothers Band founding guitarist Dickey Betts.The Sarasota County resident wrote, plays and sings lead on classic Allman Brothers recordings like "Ramblin' Man" and "Blue Sky. He's also the architect of the Allman Brothers' monumental rock instrumentals "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" and "Jessica."
Gregg, Butch and Jaimoe fired Betts from the band more than a decade ago.
Derek and Dickey shared guitar duties in the Allman Brothers Band from 1999 to 2000.
Trucks confirmed a rumor this reporter has heard before that during the Allman Brothers' 2009 Beacon Run, which served as a 40th anniversary and tribute to original leader Duane Allman, Derek's hero, Betts declined an offer to join his former band mates on stage.
"Personally, absolutely whatever problems they have are not my personal problems," Derek Trucks said about Betts playing with the Allman Brothers. "The band reached out to him for the tribute to Duane on the 40th anniversary and a lot has gone on. But I feel for it to go out right, it's a natural thing to do, with everybody in the right spirit."
Trucks added, again with a nervous laugh, that Betts has his "vote, but I don't know if it counts."

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Anonymous said...

dickey betts is still kickin ass - sounds better than the allman bros at this point to me - but they should get back together at least for a few gigs!

Anonymous said...

Betts was NOT invited properly by Mr. Trucks or the band...Derek was just told this from the elder Trucks!

I wouldn't have gone either with a "You can come, but..." invitation if I were Mr. Betts

...and actually this so-called invitation led to the no show for Betts to pick up his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Betts is by far taking the higher ground, and yes Bett's band is terrific!

Anonymous said...

I love Mr. Dickey, Forrest Richard ever so wonderful Betts, and have done for almost eons. Without him, the ...erm "Allman Bros. Band" is just a hollow, cashing-in exercise on a brand name. Love and peace to you dear Dickey.

moehoward said...

Just seeing this now. I have seen both bands and The Allmans clearly are carrying this legacy very well. Dickey is a shell of his former self and has very serious drinking problems, could barely string 2 words together when the last few times i have seen him, very sad. I can only hope that his recent health problems have forced him to be sober and he comes back to what we love him for.

moehoward said...

I have seen both new version of the Allmans with Derek and Warren and Dickey. Right now The Allmans are carrying the legacy quite well and Dickey is a shell of his former self due to drinking and whatever else he does. I live here in his hometown and always go to see him as he plays benefits and one offs somewhat regulary and i have seen him so drunk he can barely string 2 sentences together. Very sad indeed. I can only hope that his recent health problems forced him to be sober and maybe we get to see him back in the form of greatness that he was. I would also like to see him play again with the Allmans they do miss his signature sound without a doubt but i dont he will ever be asked back unless he gets his act together

Anonymous said...

If you saw mr. Betts at this weekends concert bennifit you saw him and great southern at there best! Awesome show best ever at a Sarasota area bennifit! Thank you guys for appearing and helping so many area people who are struggling with health issues kids and adults alike again and again! Ther has never been a group of musicians in this area who have done so much for nothing other than knowing they helped someone in need out. I would love to see some other famous locals step up and do the same some day. A huge thanks to the event organizers and vollenteers!