Friday, March 1, 2013

Sequester causes cancellation of concert in Bradenton

   So, you’re wondering exactly what effect this sequester thing will actually have on you? You probably didn't figure concerts would be canceled, but that's what's happening.
   The Coast Guard Band has canceled its tour of the southern United States, including a planned stop at Bradenton’s Riverwalk on Saturday, March 9.
   A Coast Guard official told Realize Bradenton, the organization behind the Music in the Park series, that the band delayed announcing the cancellation until today in hopes that the sequester would be averted, and now that the sequester is in effect the Coast Guard has to save its money for more important things.
   So, no Coast Guard Band for us, but the Music in the Park series goes on. It starts tonight (Friday, March 1) with the Marc Mannino Jazz Quartet, and continues next week with the David Smash Band. Smash, we’re told, placed second in the Lithuanian version of America’s Got Talent, and plays early rock ‘n’ roll and blues.
  All the Music in the Park concerts run 6-8 p.m. and they’re all free. They're all on Fridays -- the Coast Guard Band concert was a rare exception. You can get more information on the series at

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