Saturday, October 16, 2010

'Eastbound and Down' star Danny McBride replacing Carell on 'The Office'?

I lost interest in "The Office" a while back. The idiotic antics of Steve Carell's Michael Scott started to annoy. My once mighty crush on Pam (Jenna Fischer) faded. And then the baby came along and pretty much everyone agreed the show had jumped the shark

But bring in Danny McBride (pictured) as the new office boss and I'm totally back on board — at least for the first few episodes.

"B.J. Novak has a wish for a replacement for 'Office' cast mate Steve Carell, who's leaving after this season," reports the Associated Press. "Novak says he's "always been a big believer" in 'Eastbound and Down' actor Danny McBride but doesn't know if the show will be able to get him."

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