Monday, October 11, 2010

Sugarland's funky hit "Stuck Like Glue" censored by country radio

Highly processed Auto-Tune vocals.

Slick reggae beats.


These are not your typical ingredients for a country hit.

Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue," a Top 5 hit, features all of the above.

It's a catchy, little love song. But, y'know, does it belong on country radio?

Some programmers say no. At least to the hip-hop section, which certain stations have edited out before playing the song, reports Billboard.

Country radio. Censoring a song for not being country enough. Shouldn't that have happened 40 years ago when Anne Murray had a Top 10 country hit with the syrupy, string-laden, completely bereft of twang or soul "Snowbird"?


Sugarland, a clever pop group that found serious stardom by sneaking up the country ranks, plays the Ask-Gary Amphitheatre in Tampa Oct. 15. Look for my feature on the duo in the Weekend section of the Oct. 14 newspaper.

For now, here's "Stuck Like Glue," in all its pop, reggae and rap glory.

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