Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bradenton's Jamie Gregorich takes home trophy on tonight's 'Hell's Kitchen'

Jamie Gregorich/Fox
Monday on "Hell's Kitchen," Jamie Gregorich burned a quesadilla and got scolded by soul-crushing celebrity chef host Gordon Ramsay.

The 25-year-old Bradenton resident made a huge comeback tonight.

Perhaps I'm being a bit too optimistic here, but it appeared as if the sous chef at acclaimed Longboat Key eatery Euphemia Haye may be emerging as the show's rising star.

For starters, Jamie didn't make a single mistake in the always ultra-hectic kitchen.

She even managed to catch a live chicken "Rocky 2"-style in the first part of the opening challenge.

The Manatee County native then helped her all-female Red Team to victory with a grilled chicken salad she made solo for special guests Jen Garcia from People and Dave Karger from Entertainment Weekly

Garcia found the dish a bit daring but said, "Overall, I enjoyed it."

Karger concurred.

Jamie's "movie star" moment came after her Red Team celebrated its challenge win with a go-karting trip.

"I love go-kart racing," she said during her confessional. "It's a rush."

The Class of 2004 Manatee High School graduate and Manatee Technical Institute alumni/instructor flew around the track like Danica Patrick.

In the finals she beat big-mouths Elise and Carrie.

Jamie beamed as she held her trophy high.

Back in the kitchen, the Red Team cooked for a pair of Olympian volleyball stars and, well, dropped the ball. Luckily, so did the Blue Team.

Jamie then took charge of devising a plan of choosing two team Reds to be sent home.

Elise and Carrie were picked as the problem children.

At Ramsay's urging, the Red Team voted for which should be dismissed. Most, including Jamie, wanted Elise out. The celebrity chef called an emotional Elise to him and then snapped, "Stop crying and get back in line."

As throughout the episode, the producers/editors chose Jamie for the reaction shot: Hands over her face in disgust.

The Blue Team's woefully unskilled Chino went home.

The rest remain for more hell.

The winner of the reality cooking show will get a $250,000 salary as head chef of the prestigious BLT Steak in New York City.

"Hell's Kitchen" airs 8 p.m. Mondays and Tuesday on Fox.

TIFFANY TOMPKINS-CONDIE /ttompkins@bradenton.com Jamie Gregorich prepares her signature dish, lollipop lamb chops, at Euphemia Haye

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