Sunday, July 17, 2011

UPDATED JULY 18: Neighbors need to make peace with Tarpon Pointe Grill & Tiki Bar in downtown Bradenton

UPDATED JULY 18: Before I walked over to Tarpon Pointe Grill & Tiki Bar Sunday around 6 p.m. Sunday (July 17) for another fun, relaxing evening, I received an email from Scott Tibbetts, owner of the land that houses Tarpon Pointe and neighboring Manatee Landings Marina. I then received an email from his investment partner Bruce Bottorff. I noticed the valet parking has already been implemented:
We are working on several issues that are synonymous with the rapid growth of the business. A few of them are:

1.  Parking

2.  Crowd Control

We have located two additional parking alternatives - the medical business complex just to the east of the Manatee Memorial hospital and the auto parts store at the corner of Manatee Avenue and 7th street.  We have purchased shuttle carts to expedite bringing people on and taking people off of the property.  We have also brought in a professional valet service that started Saturday evening.  Both of these free services will enable us to better control the crowds and improve on the parking situation for our neighbors.

We expect to have in excess of 100 employees within the next few weeks.

Original post:
Pic I took July 13 from the deck of Tarpon Pointe Grill & Tiki Bar.

I've had two enjoyable experiences at the newly opened Tarpon Pointe Grill & Tiki Bar, which sits along the Manatee River in downtown Bradenton. It's about a 20-25 minute walk from my place in Point Pleasant. I'll probably stroll by later today for a most tasty Tarpon Pointe Rita and quality music courtesy of the Venturas, which perform 6 to 10 p.m.

From my column running today:

Tarpon Pointe Grill & Tiki Bar should be a boon for downtown Bradenton.

The new destination spot features two tiki bars, tables for outdoor dining, an upstairs deck providing gorgeous views of the river and downtown, as well as sand volleyball courts and places to play the popular lawn game cornhole.

Its success could pave the way for Manatee River finally being dotted with bistros, cafes, upscale eateries and even boutiques....

So what could possibly be controversial about a family-friendly business occupying a beautiful piece of land formerly sullied by an abandoned house structure?


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Macsmom said...

Same complaint, different community. People, this is a beach community. We enjoy sitting by the water and listening to music. We move to this area for the laid-back atmosphere. What could be more enjoyable than to sit by the water, have a beverage and listen to the sounds of summer. We are not talking about music at midnight, but rather a smooth and easy summer afternoon. Bradenton... if you want to build your businesses, then you have to quit letting 1-2 people make the decisions!

Rev. Min T. Phresh said...

old people hate music. especially music produced after 1950.

Anonymous said...

the big problem is who and how this place exists all crooks and the place blows also lets not forget that too