Thursday, August 25, 2011

UPDATED 9/21: Lucinda Williams headed to St. Pete; Watch her first music video ever

UPDATED 9/21: Just spent 45 minutes on the phone with Lucinda Williams, who was chilling at her home in Los Angeles.

We talked about her song inspired by Amy Winehouse, her contribution to new Hank Williams Sr. tribute album, the time Bob Dylan kissed her and much more.

Look for lengthy feature to advance her Jannus show  — and yes she fondly recalls playing there a decade ago (see below).

Like when interviewing Kris Kristofferson in May, I was in total fan mode. Lucinda knew it and couldn't have been sweeter.

Lucinda Williams 2011 publicity photo courtesy of All Eyes Media.

Alt-country queen Lucinda Williams has a date at Jannus Live in downtown St. Petersburg on Oct. 19.

The temperature will have finally dropped by then and I'm looking forward to a wonderful evening under the stars with one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters.

My first Williams concert experience was at Jannus Landing about a decade ago. Special night. I wrote a blurb about it for St. Petersburg Times when it looked like the venue was going under a couple years ago:
Lucinda Williams Oct. 30, 2001
Around the height of her popularity, Williams turned in a spellbinding performance on a cool, gorgeous evening, cranking out heartfelt songs from her epic Car Wheels on a Gravel Road and its followup, Essence. The fans were as rapt as a group in church.

Hard to believe, but I recently received a publicity release that reads: "'Copenhagen' - Lucinda's first ever music video." Here it is, a most poignant song set to moving, cartoon imagery, off her excellent new album "Blessed."

Click for ticket info.

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