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Ill communication in Hell's Kitchen; Gregorich safe again

Carrie, Jamie and Amanda prepare for tonight's dinner service.

Bradenton's Jamie Gregorich has survived the heat of "Hell's Kitchen" for another night.
Not surprising since the 25-year-old sous chef at Longboat Key eatery Euphemia Haye seems to be concentrating on cooking instead of yelling and swearing like the other "cheftestants."
In fact, she started off the show lecturing big mouth Elise who returned from elimination ready to cause trouble in the house. "It's not about being friends, it's about professionalism," Gregorich said. "Your mouth keeps getting us in trouble."
This week's competition featured a demonstration of molecular cooking which turned oranges to juice with soundwaves and then into sorbet with liquid nitrogen. Then celebrity chef host Gordon Ramsay pulled the rug out from under them. There would be no more fun with liquid nitrogen today. It was "Back to Basics," using only fire and water to cook proteins. Gross. Boiled meat.

In a head-to-head/protein-to-protein competition the Red Team and the Blue Team were neck and neck. Unfortunately, Gregorich overcooked her salmon and lost her round. But the worst mistake came from poor Krupa, who mistook filet Mignon for veal. And you call yourself a chef! Only Chef Ramsay realized it, and of course was "f-bomb" mad.

So the Red Team lost again. They had the pleasure of scrubbing the hot tub and a stinky fountain and also prepping both kitchens for dinner service. The Blue Team was sent to a swanky spa in Beverly Hills for some bathing, massaging and much-needed eyebrow waxing.

The dinner service portion of the show always seems so complicated. Everything dish and side dish and garnish has to be timed perfectly or you have to start over again. The key to a good service is to communicate effectively with your teammates. Neither team has accomplished this yet. For instance, tonight featured badly cooked beef Wellington (Monterrey), soupy pasta AND risotto (Krupa), and a dazed and confused Gina walking around the kitchen with scallops and not listening to anyone.

In one gross note, I think points should've been taken from the Red Team for Jennifer's sweaty serving of the halibut sashimi. Ewww.

Monterrey, Tommy, Krupa, Gina and Elise were kicked out of the kitchen for their lack of communication skills but both teams managed to finish service to their diners. Gregorich appeared to have things in hand and was calm, cool and collected at the end.

Ramsay said neither team was a winner this week and told them to choose two chefs from each team who's elimination would better the team. He then told them to "F" off. Nice guy.

The Blue Team nominated Monterrey and Tommy. The Red Team chose Krupa for her meat mishap and Elise for her loud, grating, irritating, big mouth.

Chef Ramsay scored points for tricking Elise into thinking she was going home, but in the end he did his own thing and kicked off Gina for her lack of fight.
The winner of the reality cooking show will get a $250,000 salary as head chef of the prestigious BLT Steak in New York City.

"Hell's Kitchen" airs 8 p.m. Mondays and Tuesday on Fox.

-- Jana Morreale, Day/features editor

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