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Bradenton chef Jamie Gregorich wows Wolfgang Puck on 'Hell's Kitchen'

TIFFANY TOMPKINS-CONDIE /ttompkins@bradenton.com Bradenton resident and “Hell’s Kitchen” contestant Jamie Gregorich holds her signature dish, lollipop lamb chops, at Euphemia Haye.

Jamie Gregorich did her hometown proud again tonight on "Hell's Kitchen."

Monday on the reality cooking competition the 25-year-old Bradenton resident Jamie Gregorich earned the nickname "Hercules" for carrying two big bags of ice like they were pair of tomatoes.

The sous chef at Longboat Key eatery Euphemia Haye also came close Monday to being kicked off thanks to the evil Elise, who nominated Jamie for elimination.

In the confessional, the Manatee County native was close to tears.

"I just can't deal with her anymore," Jamie said of Elise.

During the elimination, the show's sadistic celebrity chef/host Gordon Ramsay asked Jamie why she thought she should stay.

"Chef, I have a lot of fight in me," she answered.

Ramsay sent Krupa home.

But in a surprising twist, the unpredictable host said, "We're not done yet."

And the show ended.

Tonight's episode started with Ramsay asking each team — women are Red; boys are Blue with help from Natalie — to choose a leader.

Our class of 2004 Manatee High School graduate and Manatee Technical Institute alumni/instructor remained pretty quiet during the process while Carrie and Elise fought for the umpteenth time.

Level-headed Jennifer, my second fave to Jamie, prevailed as the leader.

The Blue Team nominated large-and-in-charge Will.

Chef Ramsay gathered the teams and asked each leader who was the weakest leader.

Jennifer smartly chose Carrie.

Will went with heavily  tattooed Tommy.

In typical "Hell's Kitchen" twist fashion, the weaklings were to lead their respective teams during the programs challenge of creating five American comfort food classics.

Believe it or not, Elise had a problem with Carrie’s game plan.

Jaw-dropping silence ensued, though, when in walked Wolfgang Puck to judge the dishes.
Jamie Gregorich/Fox.com.

Up first?


Her burger versus Tommy's.

“To me it's a little overdone but good flavor," Puck said to Jamie. "It’s not bad.”

Jamie confessional: “That's probably one of the best compliments I ever gotten.”

Tommy's burger couldn't compete with the one rooted in the rich burger tradition of Bradenton.

Jamie wins!

Paving the way for a Red Team victory.

And a cruise down Sunset Strip to catch a performance by gifted Kira Soltanovich at the Laugh Factory.

"I get to be a pretty girl today," gushed Jamie before Red Team's big night out in Hollywood

Ramsay joke and cut to shot of Jamie dressed up and beaming.

Meanwhile, the Blue Team cleaned and prepped both kitchens and was told to make the dorms spotless before Ramsay barked “piss off.”

Red Team returned to nifty gift baskets of cookware

Jonathan acted like big baby over stiff neck before time for all-important dinner service for specials guests of the U.S. Coast Guard.

“We have really solid cooks on our team with the exception of Carrie,” Jamie said during a confessional.

Carrie then burned some garlic, ruined an appetizer and got ripped by Ramsay.

“Carrie was struggling so I tried to help where I could,” Jamies said in another confessional. “That’s what you have to do with weaker people.”

Ramsay then blasted the Blue Team for bad pasta while Jonathan whines.

Ramsay takes Jonathan in a closet: "Have you given up?" And then the chef reminded Jonathan and viewers about past winner who overcame busted arm.

“Everything is working in harmony, it feels like a symphony,” Jamie said into the camera.

Elise then did wonders with a wellington, burped and Jamie cracked up.

Has the Bradenton hero made up with the big mouth who turned on her last episode?

Probably not.

"Red Team close to finishing their best service." the narrator said.

Elise: “I think we won tonight.”

Jamie: “Don’t jinx us.”

Red Team wins!

Blue Team chooses Natalie and Jonathan to be eliminated.

Ramsay sends super-complainer Jonathan home.

“Elise is on mission to get Carrie kicked off,” Jamie said during a preview clip.

Elise received much praise tonight from Ramsay. Jamie received approval. Our Bradenton ambassador needs to take charge to win the prize she seems capable of attaining.

The winner of the reality cooking show will get a $250,000 salary as head chef of the prestigious BLT Steak in New York City.

"Hell's Kitchen" airs 8 p.m. Mondays and Tuesday on Fox.

Carrie, Jamie and Amanda prepare for a dinner service. Fox publicity photo.
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